There are a number of reasons why Jackson Hole, Wyoming is a popular housing destination for many. For some, it is the resort town culture that makes Jackson an ideal place to settle down. For others, the image of Jackson as a tax haven is the prime reason why people flock in to live in this valley town. But as most Jackson dwellers admit, the city’s most alluring charm that calls people into this picturesque valley lies in the seasons.


For prospective buyers hunting for the perfect property in Jackson Hole real estate area, the city’s brilliant seasonal weather is yet another reason to rejoice. Summer, winter, spring or fall – the seasons in Jackson Hole are worth celebrating. Temperatures vary according to the seasons, giving the residents of Jackson Wyoming real estate ample opportunity to experience a variety of weather conditions.


  • Winter: In Jackson Hole, the season of winter begins from late November and extends until May. During this period, the mountains and the valley are mostly blanketed by accumulations of 5-10 feet of snow. For winter sports enthusiasts, this is the most ideal time for skiing, snowboarding and snow games.


  • Spring: The season of sporadic rainfall and fresh blooms, spring in Jackson is best spent by the fireplace. Nights are mostly cold. The season extends from late April to June.


  • Summer: From July to August, skies are sunny and nights are mild in Jackson Hole. Short thunderstorms accompanied by lightning can be spotted across the sky.


  • Fall: Except for a few occasional snowfalls, the fall season in Jackson is calm and beautiful. The prolonged sunny skies make this season perfect for nature walks, animal watching and adventure trips.