Relocating to Jackson Hole, Wyoming: A Short Guide

Ever wondered what the difference is between Jackson and Jackson Hole? If you’re relocating into the area, this is the first thing question you should be able to answer. Jackson Hole consists of a valley that is home to several towns, including the town of Jackson, which is the largest. Wilson, Moose, Teton Village and Kelly make up some of the other small towns in the area. Anyone who is going to relocate into any of these towns is living in Jackson Hole and can tell family and friends precisely that.

The “hole” in “Jackson Hole” owes it name to a term used by early trappers referring to a valley completely surrounded by on all sides by mountain ranges. Specifically, the mountain ranges enclosing the valley are: the Tetons to the west, the Gros Ventre range to the east, the Absaroka sits at the northern end of the valley, while the Snake River Ranges caps the southern part of the valley and across the border into Idaho.

Grand Teton is the highest peak in the area at nearly 14,000 feet above sea level. Jackson Hole is home to Grand Teton National Park and is located just south of Yellowstone National Park. The beautiful natural features and wildlife make the entire valley and surrounding areas a mecca for tourists seeking a dose of adventure.

This valley is a bit of a hidden gem in the vast space of Wyoming. Visitors and residents alike will experience a relaxed western attitude with all the charm and friendliness of any small town. However, there’s no need to go without modern amenities and entertainment when in Jackson Hole. The art community, businesses, and dining establishments are plentiful. Combined with the Old West character and décor that defines much architecture in the valley, they create a culture that only Jackson Hole can call its own.


Teton County’s Population

Based on the most recent census, Teton County has a population of 23,464, but more than three million visitors come through the area in an average year.

The history of Jackson Hole has seen it all, from cattle ranchers to Native Americans. From fur trappers and cowboys to billionaires and film stars. Anyone who has a love for the outdoors will find Jackson Hole the perfect location to call home.

Climate and Weather in Jackson Hole

When winter comes around, Jackson Hole can be quite cold and you can expect to experience plenty of snow. This works well since the area comes with several ski areas, including the world famous Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, ranked the #1 ski resort in North America by Forbes Magazine for many years running. Add to this a well developed publicly maintained trail system for cross country skiing and snowshoeing, you can stay active and take part in fun outdoor activities all winter long. The coldest times of year are from December to February, with temperatures that can range from below zero up to the upper 20s Fahrenheit.

Spring can flip flop between weather conditions where it might be snowing one day and gorgeous and sunny the next. Temperatures in the 50s and 60s during these months. These months make a great time to enjoy the valley’s treasures when tourism slows down between the high seasons of summer and winter.

Next up is summer when it’s going to be the warmest. Summer highs can be in the upper 70s to low 80s during the day, while things cool down to typically to the 40s at night.

Autumn brings about the beginning of the cooler weather, and Jackson Hole is known for its many trees that turn yellow and orange to bring an extra spark of color to the already stunning vistas. Some days are rainy while others are clear and you can expect temperatures to be somewhere in the 50s.

Education Options in Teton County, Washington

Jackson Hole offers a selection of both private and public educational options. Each school has high ratings and provides a solid educational base for children in your family.

Public Schools in Jackson Hole

The Teton County public school district is well-funded and includes many educational opportunities. Also, there is a wide variety of recreational organizations, youth clubs, and sports teams for children with varied interests to take part in things that they are passionate about.

Jackson public schools operate under the Teton County School District, and most younger children go to one of the four large elementary schools. Sticking to the east area of the Snake River, where most people live, Colter Elementary, Jackson Elementary, and the dual language immersion school, Munger Mountain Elementary, are available.

For those on the west side of the river, Wilson Elementary is the largest school for children from kindergarten through fifth grade. Moran Elementary and Kelly Elementary serve students in some the areas north of Jackson.

All students come together in sixth grade to attend Jackson Hole Middle School and will stay there until ninth grade. At that point, Jackson Hole High School offers education until students graduate.

Private Schools in Jackson Hole

Three different private schools are also available as an alternative to public school education. The first is Jackson Hole Community School, which has been open since 2004. This school provides challenging academics to assist students in becoming deep thinkers and is open to those in the ninth through twelfth grade.

Another private school to choose from is the Journeys School of the Teton Science Schools. It has two campuses, one in Jackson Hole and the other over Teton Pass in the state of Idaho. It’s the only private school in the community that accepts students from pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade.

The last option is Jackson Hole Classical Academy, which features a liberal arts education and is open to children from kindergarten through the tenth grade. It will be opening soon for the rest of the grades to offer a full education experience in the area.


Athletics, Recreation, and So Much More

The natural surroundings are a huge part of Jackson Hole, but so are athletic and recreation opportunities children, adults, and families. You’ll have access to everything from water slides for the kids to gymnastics lessons, lacrosse teams, and skiing while in the area.

Athletic Options

The Teton County School District offers competitive teams to middle school and high school students in the area, even those in private schools. Sports offered include football, baseball, basketball, track, swimming, and more. The area also offers Teton County Jackson Recreation Center with a gymnasium, pools for children and adults, many sports and fitness activities, and event facilities.

Other athletic options are available for youth, including:

Skiing Opportunities

Many people coming to Jackson Hole are interested in skiing, and there’s plenty of it to go around. The Jackson Hole Mountain Resort might be best known and offers programs in skiing and snowboarding for children and adults at least three years of age. The Trail Nordic Center also offers Nordic skiing, alpine racing, snowboarding, and more.

There are also programs nearby at Snow King Mountain that are more convenient to visit. Each program is organized by age group with after school weekday and weekend options to take advantage of. Jackson Hole Ski and Snowboard Club has a long tradition of producing world class athletes, and is an option for competitive children who enjoy winter sports.

Recreation and Other Activities

For budding artists in the family, the Art Association of Jackson Hole offers a variety of programs in painting, 3D construction, ceramics, and more. Those who are more interested in dancing can find programs at Dancer’s Workshop or more intensive classes at the Junior Repertory Company.

The Teton County Library offers a selection of books in Spanish and English, along with story time for the younger children who may be working on reading skills. The area also houses the Jackson Hole Children’s Museum, where children and their parents can discover, explore, and play.

High-Quality Medical Care in Jackson

While Jackson Hole isn’t a huge community, you wouldn’t guess that from looking at the number of hospitals and clinics it offers. For serious emergencies, St. John’s Medical Center is available. At the same time, many urgent care facilities like Jackson Whole Family Health and Emerge-A-Care of Jackson Hole can take care of less critical situations.

Those who have pets also have plenty of options to choose from. With a variety of veterinarians, plenty of outdoor opportunities, and a pack of pet supply stores, you can keep them just as happy in Jackson Hole as the rest of the family.