Jackson Hole: The Nature Lover’s Paradise

Real estate in Jackson Hole is distinctively different because of one thing: the natural areas around it are remarkably well preserved and protected from future development. It is the nature lover’s paradise: an area where the natural world is untouched and unchanged, and will be even for future generations. The area is known for its snow-resorts and dude ranches, and is a far cry from tourist traps.  Earlier residents, with remarkable insight, started preserving the real estate in Jackson Hole and the surrounding forests, lakes and mountains as early as the 1800s. Even then, they recognized that there was something very different about Jackson Hole’s lush, natural beauty.

Jackson Hole real estate is very different from other areas settled by cattle farmers in the 1800s. The land, though not suitable for farming, has not been devastated by overgrazing. The forests are still lush and green, the lakes blue and teeming with trout. If you ever dreamed of going fishing with your children, Jackson Hole is the perfect place to teach them how to bait that lure. Imagine cold winters and mild summers, looking up into the glacial beauty of the Teton Range.

As a resident, you will have access to unlimited open space and scenery that most people pay to experience. John D. Rockefeller himself once marveled “at the scenic beauty of the Teton Mountains and the Lakes at their feet.” If you are looking for unspoiled nature and a chance to observe wildlife in their natural habitat, you should not think twice about investing in Jackson Hole real estate.