What factors make up a community’s arts vibrancy, and which cities possess them? While the complex mixture of attributes is a large puzzle to piece together, it is increasingly sought after by civic leaders, funders and policy makers. As a contribution to this growing interest, we have undertaken an analytical assessment of arts vibrancy across U.S. cities and developed the Arts Vibrancy Index, a set of data-based indices that highlight metropolitan areas whose arts and culture scenes pulsate with vigor and activity in a variety of ways.

Jackson, WY-ID, is a mountain community of great beauty and innovation. The range of opportunity is unsurpassed in the state, and in many other communities of similar size. All art forms are represented, sometimes nationally or internationally recognized for excellence. The Center for the Arts houses many non-profit arts and cultural organizations and facilitates sharing and collaboration among them. Additionally, there is access to world class performance spaces, The National Museum of Wildlife Art, the Grand Teton Music Festival and the Community Center for the Arts. Some of the mid-size and smaller organizations are very strong as well, such as Dancers’ Workshop and the Art Association. The Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival is an internationally known organization that runs film awards for the wildlife film industry and also is a powerhouse of arts education programming. pARTners is a liaison organization supporting arts education and doing its own programming. Jackson ranks #7 and higher on each of the metrics and in the single digits on every Arts Dollar measure. Local government, individuals and foundations are very supportive with funding, and state and federal arts funding are in the top 4% or better compared to all cities.

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