Wyoming: Happy and Healthy

In a recent survey of Americans’ well-being, conducted by Gallup, Wyoming scored third in a poll that rated variables such as mental, physical and economic health. Utah took first place and the islands of Hawaii took second. Combined with a low state unemployment rate, Wyoming is one that few states in the nation that can boast of such health and happiness.

Jackson is one of the most scenic areas in the United States offering limitless opportunities to explore or to just sit back and enjoy the views. With Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks at its doorstep, 97% of the lands in and around Jackson Hole are permanently protected as conservation easements or as National Forest and BLM lands. It is comforting to know that today’s scenery will be preserved for future generations to come.

Nestled in the center of the valley, the Town of Jackson keeps the Old West alive with its wooden sidewalks, historic buildings and the historic Town Square. But Jackson welcomes newcomers as well – like the Center for the Arts and an array of new cosmopolitan restaurants and galleries. The arts scene continues to thrive, with gallery shows, movies, film festivals, live music and comedy, theater performances, and a steady stream of special exhibits of the National Museum of Wildlife Art.

Jackson Hole is also one of not-so-many communities that can still be considered safe and friendly. With a low crime rate and a hospitable attitude, residents are community and civic-minded. A modern hospital, an airport with daily jet service to major airline hubs, a wide array of stores, wine shops and restaurants all offer the big-city comforts anyone could want, but without big-city attitude.

And to top off the benefits of Jackson and Wyoming – there’s not even a state income tax.