I’ve always felt lucky to grow up in Jackson Hole.

Being born in this Valley immediately presents one with a life that many people dream of. As a realtor in Jackson, I’m reminded of my good fortune on a daily basis as my clients are so often buying property here to become a part of it or in many cases to give their children the same opportunity that I was afforded.

As a realtor, my “native” status allows me to speak genuinely about living here—it makes selling homes a sincere, natural process. From Granite Ridge to Rafter J, I like to sell it all.

Of course, I’d be lying if I pretended that I didn’t have a favorite subdivision (I’m captivated by Teal Trace and Bar BC) or that I didn’t have a bias toward my childhood neighborhoods of Lake Creek and John Dodge or the laid-back, unassuming atmosphere of Teton Pines where I spent many summers swimming, riding my bike and frequenting the snack bar for afternoon soft-serve.

That being said, I also vividly remember visiting my friends in Rafter J and Cottonwood (Melody Ranch didn’t exist at the time) where I loved being able to ride bikes on paved roads between houses in the close-knit, family-oriented neighborhoods. On a similar token, I can recall my parents making countless trips to and from friends’ houses in Teton Village, which was a crowd favorite in winter, when we could all roll out of bed and onto freshly powdered slopes on a Saturday morning.

What amazes me is that while new subdivisions and communities have emerged since my childhood, the same tenants of security, calm and contentment continue to resonate valley-wide. Doors are still left unlocked, neighbors continue to smile, wave at one another and even accept the flock of inner-tubes that randomly float through their property on a hot, summer afternoon.

I believe that when an individual buys property in Jackson Hole they aren’t just buying land, but rather are buying the “experience” and every opportunity associated with it. Call me bias, but there truly is no better place in the world!